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Our History and the Story of how N.A.D.H. was Developed.

The success story of coenzyme 1 is inextricably linked to the name Birkmayer.

Walter Birkmayer
Walter Birkmayer

Although first discovered in 1905 by Harden & Young in the deciphering of Glycolysis, it would take another 100 years before the therapeutic range of N.A.D.H. was detected.

This discovery is due to Walther Birkmayer, a pioneer of neurology.

Walther Birkmayer's son, Prof. George Birkmayer, developed a stabilized galenic formulation to maximize the bioavailability of N.A.D.H., in order to enable the possibility of taking this substance, regardless of medical administration, to a broad group of patients.

Prof. Birkmayer laboratories

Economic reasons forced Prof. George Birkmayer to abandon his companies in 2005 and so we - the Prof. Birkmayer Laboratories and Prof. Birkmayer Vet. - took over all rights and patents for the production and distribution of the now known N.A.D.H. Product range.

By a constant and excellent N.A.D.H. - Coenzyme 1 Quality Over the past 12 years, we have brought both the existing range and new products to the market and have become the number one in quality products N.A.D.H. Coenzyme 1).

With new recipes and various research activities, we are constantly improving and expanding our product range.

Research and study activities
We do research for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients.
In recent years, since 1995, many international studies have been carried out in Europe and the USA, based on ORIGINAL ENACHI and ENADA formulas. Part of the studies can already be found here "Studies on NADH".

Furthermore, we are currently preparing a study with doctors from the University of Colombo-Sri Lanka - as well as the Department of Ayurveda for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients, which is also based on our product ENACHI.

If you are interested in participating in this or other studies we have done, please email us at office@birkmayer.com or call us at 0043-1-4082563.

We are happy to give you more details and background information about the studies. We will discuss and examine together whether you can become part of this study and inform you and the doctor you trust about the exact course of the studies:

➤ PARKINSON "Sissi P I."

Just contact us, we are here for you and your questions about our products and studies!

Through constant training and intensive research activities in the international field, our employees guarantee our quality products and we continuously expand the therapeutic field of application of N.A.D.H. by innovative new formulations, in the form of drug combinations. (Coenzyme 1).

Competent and qualified sales partners also convince worldwide of the scientific know-how of Prof. Birkmayer laboratories.

Our goals and our mission
In addition to the various study and research activities, our goal is to continue to provide the supreme and most effective quality of N.A.D.H. To ensure products and provide them to our customers.

As a responsible distributor of N.A.D.H. - Products "according to the original formulation", the Prof. Birkmayer Laboratories work closely with renowned experts. It is important to us to offer our customers both pure N.A.D.H. Products, as well as to provide synergistically effective formulations. Due to the highest possible bioavailability an organic recycling can take place and only then we can fulfill your demand for maximum efficiency without compromise.

In the knowledge of the high demands on quality and production, only raw materials of renowned pharmaceutical companies are used for our products, their further processing - analogous to the strict standards in the pharmaceutical production - exclusively under GMP criteria (guidelines for the quality assurance of the production processes and production environment in the production) and strictest controls by neutral institutes / laboratory tests.

The Prof. Birkmayer laboratories make no compromises in the effectiveness and safety of the products. The raw material used is exclusively pure N.A.D.H. used by ROCHE - the pioneer in health care.

Without exception, our products are all made in Germany.

The certified production takes place in accordance with "GMP CERTIFICATE OF GMP COMPLIANCE OF A MANUFACTURER" and the participating companies are all ISO certified.

Our N.A.D.H. (Coenzyme 1) product range
In our shop you will find an exclusive selection of exceptionally high quality N.A.D.H. - Products. N.A.D.H. is important for cellular energy production, it is necessary to produce energy from food and the strongest antioxidant.

A lack of coenzyme 1 is manifested by mental and physical fatigue and tiredness. With the increased energy requirement in our time, the proportion supplied with the food and generated in the body cells itself is usually insufficient. Therefore, additional coenzyme 1 should be added to the ATP.

We have developed different products for different needs and optimal care of your cells. More information about N.A.D.H. see our page: What is NADH?

Our product range includes the following N.A.D.H. original recipe products

ArginNad - an effective combination of N.A.D.H. (Coenzyme 1) and the amino acid. Enachi - provides the organism with an extra portion of N.A.D.H. within minutes if required. (Coenzyme 1), so that the cellular energy level rises noticeably fast and each cell in the body is recharged.

Enachi Skin Serum - the first and only cosmetic, with a coenzyme 1 liposomal Formulation.

Enada no. 5 - helps cells generate more ATP energy. Especially for children empfehlungswert.

Good Morning! enada - it is the source of energy for over 1000 vital metabolic processes. Supports physical and mental performance with proven effectiveness.

FemmeWell - the ideal formula for women who want to keep or recover their vital energy.

GeroNad - a dietary supplement for special medical purposes (balanced diet) for the treatment of age-related osteoarthritis.

L-Arginine - All products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as well as gluten and lactose free.

Each of our products undergoes numerous checks before it goes on sale, guaranteeing top quality products, optimal effectiveness and perfect compatibility To make concessions to health and vitality, our formulations are free from allergens and sugars (we use the sugar substitute mannitol) and contain no preservatives, artificial flavors or dyes.

Only with good morning! ENADA is used for optical reasons, the dye-white, which is necessary in connection with the enteric-coated tablet.

To ensure the high quality of our products even after production, only packaging materials "ALU ALU Blister" are used, the protective Delivered to the European Union (EU) .When shipping to countries outside the European Union (EU) customs and custom clearance charges may apply. Please inform yourself in advance The Birkmayer laboratories are not responsible for any additional costs that may arise during the import.


Sicherheit and data protection are capitalized with us.Your personal information is provided by our shop software with a certified, bi It encodes 2048-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption, which is the highest standard of security. When you shop at the Prof. Birkmayer Laboratorium Shop, you have the guarantee that your personal information is safe and confidential.What makes us number one in the N.A.D.H. Making Products

Our unique selling proposition is based on 7 pillars and can be summarized as follows

We produce all N.A.D.H. Products according to the original formulation of Prof. George Birkmayer.We use the highest quality raw materials and produce in Germany.We have short production and delivery routes, so that our products can be shipped directly from our warehouse to our customers or are available in pharmacies. We are constantly developing and researching synergistically effective formulations with the highest possible bioavailability and the best possible organic utilization and thus have a unique selection of NADH Products.We carry out ongoing studies and research and market the latest and most innovative products based on these scientific findings. We work at the highest and most up-to-date scientific level.

We are the leading online N.A.D.H. Shop for high quality N.A.D.H. Products and special combination products.